Just Glue It

Lots of concrete issues in this week’s episode, along with Adam giving advice on painting decks, cleaning cracks, and fixing lights.

Show Summary

Adam welcomes everyone back to the show, and jumps right to the phones. The first caller has a crack between his foundation and house, and wants to know the easiest way to fix it. Adam explains the importance of cleaning the area before attempting to repair it, and then offers a couple possible ways to get the job done. Another guy wants to build a deck on his house, and Adam suggests sharing the work with some professionals.

Next up is a caller who has a variety of issues with his wood floors and concrete. Adam gives him some great advice about different paint combinations, and even suggests a stylistic touch to the make the floors look extra good. He also helps a guy who has rainwater flooding his garage each time it rains, and Adam offers an easy way to fill the gaps.

Adam’s been taking a lot of calls related to concrete, and there is yet another caller who is concerned about the air and heat getting into his house. Again, Adam suggests calling in a company to at least start the process. Adam also talks to a guy with air coming in from under the front door, and a guy with a buzzing chandelier. The show wraps up with Adam solving a guy’s squeaky wood floor crisis.

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Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Associate Producer: Katie Levine
Technical Director: Logan Moy
Phones: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Web Engineering: Melanie de Jonge

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  • Weskanaloa

    I’ll try to spread the word, as a homeowner that grew up in apartments with a single mother, this is my favorite podcast.

    If you get rid of it, I’ll just send you a $50/mo retainer to answer my e-mails about home repair. Since your assistant will be doing it, consider it an assistant subsidy.

  • len r.

    Hey guys, why isin’t the podcast up on the RMS feed page???

    • ahcast

      Len – Feedburner issue, should be good now, and for everyone that didn’t get it on iTunes it should be good now.


  • Mike Hobbs

    Now what!? Adam, hope my homeowners insurance covers this mess!


    If not, I’ll need some serious advice! I’m thinking a wood fence…

  • Chris from Lakeland, FL

    I have a suggestion for the Amazon link; just suggest that people add it to their Favorites or as a Bookmark in their browser. That way, when they go into Amazon it should alrady link them to their account, but through you. I have tried this from a couple of different computers and it seems to work fine, connecting through you, but to the personal account.


  • Jim

    Seems like we cover the sub floor screw down and the paint the wood floors quite frequently. Maybe I’m just jealous cause I live on a shitty slab. Either way, the Ace man could do nothing more than recite the alphabet every week in his nasally way and I would listen and defend him with a Dodger fan’s fury. Thanks for another great and commercial free show.

  • Jim

    If you’re gonna get an 18 volt Makita, don’t get the white one in the picture, get the blue one for about 50 or 60 bucks more. It’s got way more power/torque. I use them every day. And don’t get it at Home Depot. Order it from Amazon and click thru Ace’s site first so he can we his beak for Pete’s sake.

  • bananaman

    It would be cool to see the finished product of the painting the wood or cement floors with the border colors and stuff. and WOW! Blaster girl spoke up with some timely info for adam, was starting to think she was mute.

  • Ford Prefect

    Bark mulch is an abomination.

    If you’re that worried about weeds, there are ground cover plants, and some even have flowers, God forbid. The purpose of gardening is to grow stuff, not to carpet the outdoors with synthetic, lifeless crap. (Maybe “carpet” isn’t a verb, but it should be.)

    This is not apropos this episode, but a few episodes before when Adam was talking about natural landscaping (about using arid adapted plants in an arid climate). Right on with that.

    Bark mulch is for losers.

  • Jordan Lightfoot

    I get the impression that electrical questions are a little out of the Ace man’s forte. That chandelier test seemed a little funky. Same thing goes for outlet questions. 3 pronged plugs are common on appliances with metal casings to avoid shocking or fires when an internal short happens in the device. The third prong takes any hot stray voltage directly to ground (i.e. tap it to the water supply pipe (city side)). Thats why my skin crawls a little bit every time its suggested that the ground wire on a socket just be ground to the terminal box. The wiring to that box probably doesn’t have the ground wire to transfer it back to the earth.

  • Reply

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  • Reply

    If you get rid of it, I’ll just send you a $50/mo retainer to answer my e-mails Reply. ahcast. April 16, 2011 at 3:28 pm #. Len – Feedburner issue, should be Thk cordless drill schematic. Reply.

  • Reply

    If you get rid of it, I’ll just send you a $50/mo retainer to answer my Reply. ahcast. April 16, 2011 at 3:28 pm #. Len – Feedburner issue Len – Feedburner issue, should be Thk cordless drill schematic. Reply. Reply.

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  • Alberta

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