Clean Out Your Closet

Adam complains about workers who don’t put towels down, and tells the story of the time he installed a closet in the wrong house. Ray’s back as well to help answer your home improvement questions.

Show Summary

At the top of the show, Adam complains about the workers in his house who refuse to put down towels where they leave their tools. He also rants about Ozzie’s wife scratching up his sink back in the day. Ray tells a story about an argument he got into at a plumbing store, and the guys answer an email question regarding how to improve someone’s dryer vent. Based on another email, Adam then recalls the time he installed a closet in the wrong house.

The first caller has a question about metal roofing, then the guys discuss the origins of the D.T.R. parties, which Ray gleefully recalls crashing. They also talk to a caller who wants to build a removable stair railing leading to his basement, and the show wraps with a call from someone dealing with a rotting patio cover.

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Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Associate Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Research: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Web Engineer: Melanie De Jonge

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  • DIY banana molester!

    Adam and Ray reunited sounds sooo good! Keep Ray on the show!

    • Todd

      I’ve enjoyed Ray on the show, but I listen to the podcast at work with headphones, and Ray has a tendency to scream into the mic. PLEASE tell him to yell aside or something… For those of us
      with earbuds in, it’s painful. I’ve had to skip parts because
      I can’t take the yelling.

      Besides that, love the show!!

  • Stephen Cary

    Ray is a great addition to the show. It was awesome listening to them analyze the first photo and find all the problems with it.

  • Sluggh

    Dent away, shoot my dog, whatever. Just make sure my toilet flapper isn’t hissing.

  • big jim

    Ray has turned this show from a lazy Sunday afternoon listen to one of my Saturday highlights. The network is really coming together.


    Ray on duty. nice work.

    You can’t not learn something from listening.

    perfectly normal.. perfectly healthy.

  • RP

    Ray & Adam are the best. This show was informative before but now it is great with the chemistry between them. Great job.

  • Patrick

    Ray and Matt are great. Ace on the House has become something I really look forward to.

  • clip

    Ray is awesome.

  • Snake Oiler


  • big jim

    The greatness of this show is summed up like this:

    Ray: “Since when did you become a European-fag version of yourself?”
    Ace: “Shit, I have to wear the glasses and I say fuck it with the hair so I just put on a cap.”
    Ray: “Alright, alright. Look, you haven’t been in the game in awhile, Ace, so I’ll field this question.”
    Ace: “Oh yeah? Have you ever owned a dryer, Oldhafer?”
    Ray: “Next question, Matt.”
    Ace: “You’re 48 years old, never owned a dryer.”
    Ray: “And maybe I feel bad about it, okay? Next call, Matt!”

  • romerogt

    ray and adam FTW!

  • Jeff

    Ray is a great addition!

  • Claire

    Love, love, love Adam! Ray is an awsome addition. I love this show not because I’m into construction, but, because I don’t have to listen to an annoying co-host trying to be funny. Adam & Ray are natural together. Forced chemistry on the daily Podcast. This show flows! Love it!

  • Nelson

    Ray is a great addition to the show. He and Adam play off each other very well. Any thoughts about having Ozzy on?

  • kevinhardyman

    Best Home Improvement show ever! Ray Oldhafer paired with the Aceman is totally works. Keep it up!

  • big j

    Better than the original flavor Carolla podcast! is what I say. Good move bringing Ray on board.

  • the c man

    Please please keep Ray on as a regular! nice work ace

  • Ivan

    Ray is perfect for the show. Ray, don’t f**ck up this opportunity. Show up on time, and everything else will fall into place.

  • Pat

    I agree, don’t screw it up Ray. Ace and Ray are excellent at playing catch when it comes to conversation, so keep up the good work.

  • Pete

    i love it when Ray gets pissed

  • Dave O'

    Two words: More Ray

    Get it on Aceman!

  • Mike

    Love it when “the Oldhafer” is in the house! Go ahead and make him part of the show.

  • DTR

    Don’t Tell Ray….but I think we found his true calling. AND, Adam can’t bitch about him wearing flip-flops on this gig!
    Keep it up guys. Good stuff…

  • SteveC

    nice job – love Ray – my new favorite podcast

  • Miguel

    Doesn’t Matt The Punisher sound just like Frye from Futurama?

  • Chris

    Classic, Ray: “Move” Adam: “Frez-Nooooooooooooooooooooo”

  • Josh

    Love having Ray on the show. How about some short how-to videos with Ray? Also, how about triple teaming it with Strommer?

  • Mark T.

    Loved the show before Ray and love it even more with Ray on it. Keep up the great work on an excellent show.

  • KC

    The ABC wrong address story had me in stitches, Jesus, that was great!

  • Tim

    Go Go Ray!

    Oh and on behalf of Portland, OR we’d like Ray to come visit us on your guy’s next visit.

  • Crazy Chris

    Kudos to Ray. He’s good at getting more out of Adam. Example: I heard the ABC Closet story a few times over the years…VERY FUNNY…but never heard the aftermath about pulling the out the installed closet and essentially high-tailing it to the correct address!! Leaving a path of destruction in its place.

    Great to hear you compliment Adam’s stories Ray… keep ’em coming! How about your take on the Jack in the Box ass-rooster-tail story??

  • Hop off

    I love ray on the show

  • Qwerty

    Ray and Adam rule!

  • Elizabeth

    Uncanny! I had just had to kick off the little Chinese gardening couple off my front porch (with complete picnic lunch spread out) who gardens ACROSS the freakin street from us. Then I put on the headphones on and do a little run, only to hear Adam rant about the ballsyness of workers not taking a little extra care with the owners’ property. The couple never had a clue that I was pissed off, and wanted to chat about when they used to do the gardening at my house (20 years ago). Great show! Great Ray!

  • Tim

    Ray is Great! – kicked it up a notch – like to hear Ray and Ozzy on one too – when you had the show on TLC (?) – the “Adam Carolla Project” – Ray dove into the neighbor’s pool – by the end of the series, she was bringing him beers while he was floating around – what’s Ray’s thing with standing bodies of water? – maybe he’s part labrador? – Thanks for the laughs

  • Rich

    Ray is awesome. Great information, sounds like he is truly interested in helping people, funny, and doesnt try to compete w Adam for air time. Unlike Damesheks idiot sidekick.

  • Mike

    Ray is OK. Just wanted to keep him honest.

  • Brody

    Ray needs to do a how to video on hanging freedom doors!!!!!

  • jerrold9200

    can’t find old Mr. Birchum/KROQ bits -help, please!!

  • Terri

    Ray and Adam…great team. Almost as good as the Daves.

  • DIODE25

    More Ray please, thank you.

  • DIODE25

    I like that the tech made sure they went back and answered the question, after they finished talking. Nice job tech.

  • Eric

    Ray is awesome…love that guy!!!

  • Jason

    Great podcast, Ray is awesome. This show has some great advice.

  • Mr Power

    Hello.This article was extremely fascinating, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this topic last week.

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