You Oughta Write That Down

Adam and Ray recall what it was like being 27, and talk about Ray’s delusional neighbors. They also help a caller soundproof his room and discuss some routine home maintenance for new homeowners.

Show Summary

Today’s episode was recorded on Matt’s birthday, so Adam and Ray reflect on where they were in their late 20s. They also talk about some of the job opportunities Adam had at his fingertips, thanks to one of his mom’s crazy friends. The guys then respond to a couple emails; one a success story, the other dealing with canned lighting in a flaking ceiling.

Moving to the phones, the first caller asks Adam and Ray about soundproofing his room, which leads them to discussing Ray’s old delusional neighbors who he would constantly hear through the wall. Later they talk to a caller who wants to know some routine home maintenance tips now that all of his friends are becoming homeowners. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the importance of turning the lights off when you leave the room, and Adam recalls all the shitty rooms he’s lived in over the years.

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Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Associate Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Research: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Web Engineer: Melanie de Jonge

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  • Dan R.

    Ray is the fuckin man! He MUST be a permanent co-host. GET IT ON!

    • SunGod

      Ray is the perfect compliment to Adam on this show. Make him a permanent co-host Aceman!

  • romerogt

    I can’t miss Adam and Ray together

  • Geoff

    Ray is a fantastic addition to the show. despite his antics, he seems to be an expert carpenter. If he has the time, he should come back every week.

  • Sluggh

    Ray is lightning. This show kicks ass.

  • RP

    The show has really found its stride with the addition of Ray. AOTH is now every bit as good and well rounded as Ace’s main podcast. I think you’ll be able to draw a lot more crossover listeners now. Great job all around.

    • Jon

      I completely concur. I don’t particularly enjoy home improvement but Adam and Ray together is amazing. Whoever makes the decisions and/or reads this message board, please make Ray a permanent co-host.

  • Jim

    Rays good on here. I like how he checks Adam sometimes. I can’t believe Ace has slate counters? A sedimentary material like that stains so easy. And if you put enough shit on it to seal it, it looks like crap.

  • Jim

    For the light can gap dilemma. Pull the trim down, flat tape the gaps and replace the trim.

  • Bob

    Lets get the show on video (all the time) for us that are throwing down the ducats & subscribing. Great show Adam & Ray.

  • McLovin

    Ray needs to be a regular, just like Sandy on CarCast.

  • Paul

    Ray is great to have around for second opinions and to help brain storm ideas.

  • James

    Adam + Ray are great — hopefully it’s permanent!

  • Chris


  • ItsHarry

    Yes, Ray should be a permanent fixture on the show, and you should forget the studio, have with a mobile podcast that starts by busting into Ray’s apt, waking him up & start podcasting!

  • MikeH

    Sweet another show with Ray!!!

  • Asa

    I LOVE Ray on this show, they are so great together. For the love of Christ, KEEP RAY ON!!! 🙂


    finally more of Ray.

  • JB

    Keep Ray on AOTH. best. show. ever.

  • Pete

    Lovin’ Ray!

  • geoff

    yeah, ray is a great addition to the show. funny guy. More with him!

  • Kathy

    Love the show with Ray, love the rapport. Keep him on.

  • Minesh

    Ray, you’ve come a long way since the Adam Carolla Project. Please become a regular co-host, even if the show only records when you can make it, it’s better than just Ace alone.

  • Pat

    Love me some Ray. Ace, please make him the co-host. Also, throw your buddy Chris on from time to time.

  • Sarah

    Make Ray a permanent addition! He is awesome!

  • Flip-flops on the jobsite

    Fuck yeah Ray is the man! Keep him on!

  • G. Noel Gross

    Glad Ray’s getting to share with the class.

  • 79 strat

    More Ray please. Can he get a weekly spot on the main podcast like Larry Miller? Too good.

  • Stackmania


  • Blah

    Ra is a great personality on this show. It is a show where Adam actually is in check… I fuckin love it! Get that dipshit producer dude “mike” is it out of there and get more Ray… Ray is awesome!

  • Blah

    ps. the dude reading the E-mail questions is somehow more annoying than bald bryan…

    • Mya

      Don’t get rido of him……. he’s a great guy

      PS: you suck Blah…. bla-bla-bla



  • Steve

    Ray is awesome!!! He’s been the missing ingredient for this show. He needs to be a permanent co-host.

  • Ryan

    DTR….. Ray and Adam together make the perfect team for Ace On The House. Ray needs to be on here permanently.

  • Snake Oiler

    Ray is the man!!!!!

  • Forrest

    DTR is great!! He’s the dude version of Alison.

  • Terri

    Great show. Love that Ray.

  • DIODE25

    Ray is pretty awesome, I’d like him to be permanent too.

  • Shenika Genualdo

    Some genuinely nice and useful info on this internet site, too I believe the design and style contains great features.

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