Think Like a Normal Person

Adam rants about the ongoing construction at the studio, and recalls the time Ray pissed off a bunch of peep show patrons.

Show Summary

As the show opens up, Adam is already on fire, talking about his attempts to explain what the construction team should be doing over the phone. He also rants about a metal stud run that took way too long, and sends Ray to the back of the studio to see the disastrous results. The guys also respond to emails about repairing a front porch, and how to go about fixing a brick wall.

Ray talks a bit about ‘brick repointing,’ which somehow reminds the guys of their old North Hollywood days bothering people at the local peep show. They then jump to the phones and talk to callers about recessed lighting, settling slabs, and earthquake rehab. The last caller can’t figure out how to install a washer-dryer without going against his building code, and the show wraps up with the guys recalling their high school football days.

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Show Credits

Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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  • Gary lee Grah

    How about that prefabricated skyscraper in 15 days, in China.

  • Kevin Gustafso.

    Great show, thanks for taking my call.

  • MasterDesign

    What happen to the “Greatest Carpenter Since Jesus?”

    Was Adam overthrown by Ty Pennington?

    Loving the show, you have the perfect formula – keep the music.

  • Hugh Gasol

    Did’nt see that I’ll go check it out.

  • NinjaEngineering

    This just in…

    “Wind storm in China takes down recently built skyscraper. Hundreds dead. Film at 11.”

  • NinjaEngineering

    Best quotes from this episode:

    Ray: “I wish I married you.”

    Adam: “Hey man, why are you being a dick?”

  • Jim

    Regarding the steel stud incedent, I’ve learned over the years that you can’t micromanage the job from a remote location. If you want them to do it your way, you have to work side by side and show them. If you want to be somewhere else and get the job done properly, hire a good contractor. Having a bunch of illegals do the work is cheaper but its funding the people who dump the trash and spray the grafitti all over LA. Sorry, I’m an angry, white, middle class contractor. Thanks for another great show guys.

  • Scott

    Ryan From Long Beach,

    I have a real easy solution to your problem with the Washer/Dryer installation. Last year I bought an LG WM3987HW washer dryer combo. Its a single unit, runs on 115 ac, and doesn’t need a Gas line or a vent to the outside. The only other connections are for hot and cold water. Unfortunately, my landlord is a cock, and told me I can’t keep it, because he provides laundry for the building. So, now it’s in storage not being used while I still pay for it. You can check it out here:

    This thing retails for $1400 to $1500. I’d happily sell it to you for $975, and I’ll even drive it down to long beach. It’s a great appliance that I just am not able to use because my Landlord is a dick. Anybody who’s interested can email me at scodge(at) (replace (at) with @)

  • Tyler Durden

    I just ordered — via your link — a Vapur Sustainable Water Bottle.


    I’m looking forward to seeing Aceman – live – in Silver Spring this week.


    • Matt

      Nice! Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

  • Lil Matty

    Great show as always. You should film the studio renovations…a web sequel to The Adam Carolla Project?

  • weskanaloa

    Where was the effed up stud? I feel like I’m going to wish I didn’t ask.

  • Charles

    3 weeks in and not a patch of drywall hung yet? I will load up the F150 come down and do it myself!

  • mnoswad1

    When accurate, appropriate and earnest comments are constantly being over moderated……it makes me enjoy the podcast less. Speaking of less……..less likely to mention the podcasts to a friend too.

    Loved the show, just ordered crap on amazon, blah blah blah. Are thiose the only comment that get approved?

    just sayin. Good day.

  • Scott
  • Pasadena Fats

    Best part of the March 24th ACE ON THE HOUSE show was Matt quickly saying in a foreboding tone: “Gary shouldn’t have said that” in regards Gary’s admission in the Stephen/Steven debacle. Matt seemed to know what was to follow. lol Short but Classic Ace rant!

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