How Important is Nothing?

The guys recall the life lessons learned in ceramics class, and talk to a caller from Amsterdam whose dog destroyed a floor with his feces.

Show Summary

As the show opens up, Adam and Ray reminisce about their pottery teacher, and all the important life lessons they learned in ceramics. Adam then talks about Natalia’s great performance during a recent t-ball game, and complains about the LiveScan he refuses to take. He also discusses his own parents’ lack of interest in his sports career.

Later, the guys respond to a video question about repairing a cracked countertop. Another guy has written in to ask about custom painting an old refrigerator. As the guys jump to the phones, they talk to a caller from Amsterdam whose dog destroyed the floor of his rented house, and another guy trying to figure out how to flush mount a TV to his wall. The show wraps on a tangent about pythons and Jon Voight’s career choices.

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Video Link

Regurgitated Voight

Show Credits

Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

Ace on the House Theme Song: Jason Boots (hear more music at

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  • Sluggh

    Ray is ripped!

  • Meik

    Hi, just a thought for Stephan Steffen Steve in Holland to rescue that wooden floor. Look at the name of the cleaner that your landlord insists on your using, it’s probably from the same company as made the hardwood floor, Aro, Jüncker, etc etc. Have a look on their web sites and you’ll find the oils that they use for maintaining the wood….Then click through to Amazon to save a few €’s(.nl probably not yet covered by Aceman’s sponsorship) and order yourself a mini can. It’s pretty expensive but you don’t need much, and if you do it now, it may save hassle with the landlord later and any differences will average out over time)…not sure how ‘cleaning up after dog with the shits’ counts as reasonable wear and tear…..

  • Meik, Mike,'s all double Dutch to me

    p.s. Matt, just call me Mike. Amazing the spellings I get here (Germany) in Germany for such a simple name, Michael’s no good as it comes out as mich aye ell. So, KISS; Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  • martin

    i am with adam on the point that he shouldn’t get all these checks and tests done to be coaching the little league team. but once again, adam is a hypocrite. he said he’s all for these DNA databases so that criminals could be found more easily. so why doesn’t he do it himself then?!?!
    on a different note, i do love adam’s shows!

    • LouFarguido

      Im not sure you understand the difference.
      One is “You are a rapist… Lets put you in the system.”
      The other is “prove to me that you are NOT a rapist”

      See the difference?

      • SteveP

        Lou Ferridno is right.

      • Tomas Rodriguez

        The logical problem is that for such a database to work you have to test everybody to make sure you catch people who are already in the database. Is Adam arguing that he should be exempt because he is famous? He brings up that his kids are on the team, but I’m sure there are people in the offender database with kids on little league teams. It’s not like the offenders are going to step up and say “hey! I’m an offender! Test me!” Unfortunately, the only way to screen those guys is to inconvenience everyone.

      • martin

        yeah, of course! if you are a convicted criminal then by all means! i don’t remember adam ever saying that part. if he did, that i am wrong…

  • Pasadena Fats

    Best part of the March 24th ACE ON THE HOUSE show was Matt quickly saying in a foreboding tone: “Gary shouldn’t have said that” in regards to Gary’s admission in the Stephen/Steven debacle. Matt seemed to know what was to follow. lol Short but Classic Ace rant!

  • Benedict Laskowitz

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