The Court of Adam

Adam helps settle a dispute between Ray and one of his workers. The guys also drink Mangria and talk about their horrible days between doling advice to listeners.

Show Summary

Adam opens the show discussing his horrible morning and a frustrating experience trying to see his kid’s performance at school. Ray also starts out livid because of some off-mic drama about who left the warehouse lights on. The guys begin answering a video question about water-damaged windows, when Rob enters the studio to discuss the lighting situation with Adam and Ray.

Later in the podcast, the guys respond to email questions about TV mounting and butcher block surfaces. They also take calls about using HardieBacker, soundproofing a bungalow, and replacing recessed can lights with ceiling fans. As the show wraps up, they speak to a caller who sent over Mangria samples, and Ray helps himself to a glass.

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Show Credits

Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

Ace on the House Theme Song: Jason Boots (hear more music at

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  • Ralph Burris

    that was the most annoying episode yet. You should keep your divorce and your internal fights off the air. Could ray be more of an asshole ?

    • Ras

      Ralph, the reason people come to any of Adam’s podcast is to hear him complain – WTF are you talking about!!! I do agree Ray was acting like a little dick to Rob – if Ray apologized to him like a man then I think it would have been cool – but Ray seems to still have that 11 yr old retard mentality if you apologize then you are weak so Ray ended up sounding like a douchebag.

      • Ralph Burris

        Yeah I was kinda OTR about that school crap but that was a little more angry than usual.

  • Andy

    Just institute a new rule: whoever locks the warehouse is responsible for making sure all lights are off.

  • DrunktankDan

    That shit was hella funny! I would NOT want Ray to tell me “Sit down, pussy”.
    And that “Court of Adam, the recital misser” line made me laugh my ass off.

  • DrunktankDan

    Also, thanks for putting this shit together Gary and Matt. You guys don’t get mentioned much on the air but we appreciate you guys keeping the wheels greased.

  • Karen

    Just print a date on the paper/daily schedule

  • David

    Go back to the old format, keep it to home improvement questions, leave the whine to the ACP.

  • Jen

    Why does Matt talk like that?

  • Aaron K.

    Yes, this podcast needs to stick to home improvement questions and related talk. Love the Adam Carolla Podcast and CarCast, but making every show the same isn’t a great plan. Get it on!

  • Tdogg

    Love the show! Adam is an artist, telling Adam to keep on topic is like telling Picasso how to paint. I am with Ray… Get it on!

  • Yes

    I’m with the others, this ain’t “The Adam Carolla Show”, it’s “Ace On The House”, so please keep the Stern-esque in-fights and tangents to a minimum and make with the home improvement questions….

  • Ken

    This episode proves why they say DO NOT DRINK AT THE OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY!

    Shout out to Gary and Matt – Keep up the good work. Please hear that your listeners are suggesting that you keep the “branding” of the show true.

    Differentiate between the shows on the ACE broadcasting network so that you will have a larger audience.

    Along the same thought -I Also picked up another MP3 player through Amazon – but I went through Lynette’s Podcast Website so they would get the credit. (It was a gift for my wife – and now she is listening to Lynette’s Podcast).

    Again – keep up the good work – it is appreciated.

    Take Careful. (copyrighted saying by Ken in honor of Walt(deceased))

  • K-man

    Kudos to you and your team for all your productions. I travel a lot for work and your Pod Casts make all the travel much better.

    That said. I would like to see some of Adam’s life hurdles, resolved.

    As committed to minimizing calaries, and efficiency in life, why wouldn’t you install occupancy sensors, so lights would shut off automatically if no one was present….seems like a simple remedy and eleminates your tards from spinning your meters and wasting $….

    Just a thought. I rant occasionaly and a good friend once asked me “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Keeping this in mind when I am annoyed helps put things in perspective…..

  • SassMasterGeneral

    What that picture on the wall behind Adam and Ray, It looks like a poster of a anime.

  • Beck

    I’m about halfway through my pregnancy and a big Ace fan. I am currently getting the fetus used to Adam’s nasally drone by putting a headphone up to my belly. My hope is that his voice will be something I can put my kid to sleep to – or at least doesn’t make it cry. Good day!

  • Aaron

    With Aceman’s interest in efficiency, not sure why he has someone generating a paper calendar for him that is prone to error. Have someone sync your phone Ace, and have your calendar in your phone at all times, you’re probably carrying your phone around all the time anyway.

  • chuck browning

    good thing you’ve got all these experts giving you advice about your podcast, eh? anyway, i need a big favor. i need you to fix california so all the weirdos that moved to texas can go back to cali. we’re pretty sick of them already. thanx. carry on aceman, ray, et al.

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