The More You Go, The Less You Feel

This week the guys discuss showering your children with presents, bathroom ‘spunk shui’, and how to find the right air compressor.

Show Summary

As the show opens up, Ray talks about his New Year’s Eve, and Adam rants about the unbelievable bombardment of presents his kids received on Christmas morning. The guys then respond to a video question about retiling a backsplash, and also answer two email questions about freedom doors and flooring issues. Later, the guys talk to a caller about the best type of air compressor for home use, and the show wraps up with a long discussion about ‘Spunk Shui’ in the bathroom.

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  • Bobby

    Great show as always but come on Ace…Chalking up the fact that your kids got too many gifts to..”It’s all ugly American bullshit.” Children being spoiled by too many gifts to appreciate is ultimately who’s fault exactly? How about limiting the number of gifts that they receive? Isn’t that the parent’s responsibility & job?

  • Chris from Lakeland, FL

    Lisa, you don’t HAVE to plumb the compressor, there’s a medium step. They make a “hose reel” for compressor hose, that can just be mounted somewhere near the middle of the garage ceiling. Put the medium-sized compressor in one corner of the garage, run a hose to the hose reel, then he pulls hose from the retracting reel to go anywhere he wants, very easily. He can build a box with 2″x2″s, plywood and sheet foam to quiet the noise of the compressor, just needs to keep it light, so he can pull it away and drain the water that collects, now and then, and is leaky enough so it doesn’t get too hot, or starve the compressor for air.

  • Jeremy

    Great show guys–wonderful banter and some decent tips for hiding a course of tile on the backsplash. Some good advice on a home compressor–indeed, it’s a bit much to plumb it in–especially if the compressor is on a wall shared with the house–that vibration would drive people nuts.

    I do agree with Bobby on the gifts issue–your kids are going to be terribly spoiled if you don’t start taking action (you’ve already identified the problem, its time to manage a solution). I’m sure your friends, colleagues, and business contacts will understand if you ask, “please, no more gifts for the kids–if you’d like to give a gift, please send flowers to my wife, donate some money to __ charity, or send the kids a savings bond or a deposit to their college account.” It’s great that you’re surrounded by such generous people, if that energy can be directed to improve your kids and family’s future instead of sending the money to toy manufacturers, it will do a lot of good.

    Happy Holidays and get it on. 🙂

  • Stu in Tokyo

    What does Dr Drew say about the gifts?
    On the compressor, the size of the tank is not so important, yes a larger tank is better, but the amount of air that the pump can move is paramount, that is where the money should be spent.
    Love the show, 5 stars all the way!

  • shane

    Re: This weeks Video Question
    What’s up with people shooting their video in portrait when they should be using Landscape? Owen? Turn your phone sideways people, it’s not that difficult to figure out.

  • Kid Solvent and the Acetones

    Good show again.
    As for the spoiled kids:
    Film their shitty behavior. In the next year or so they will be entering that sort of “age of guilt”. You know, the time when the kids gain a sense of self-awareness and begin to understand that behavior has consequences and that poor behavior is embarrassing and stigmatizing. It’s also when religions begin to indoctrinate and expect them to feel bad about stuff and become good little disciples.
    Film them, and show them every so often just how awful their behavior is. Sometime in the next couple years they will get it.
    That, and of course, PUT SOME GOD DAMN LIMITS ON THE WIFE!
    Or just forget it, keep bombarding them with unearned rewards and rightfully assume the good odds that since they have two loving parents they will turn out OK anyway (although that won’t stop ’em from being pissy little brats every X-Mas until then).

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