They Call Me G.C.

Lorenzo Neal sits down with Adam and Ray for a podcast about flipping houses, bathroom ceilings, and the NFL hall of fame. Plus, another attempt at Ray’s Tips and Hints!

Show Summary

Adam and Ray welcome former NFL player Lorenzo Neal to the show. The guys talk about famous fullbacks, Lorenzo’s experiences flipping properties, and why he should be the new Mangria spokesman. Adam also complains about how soft his kids are and why he wants to make them tougher. After Ray’s Tips and Hints, the guys respond to a video question about taking down hideous drop ceilings. They also discuss giving a bathroom ceiling more character, and the show wraps up with a couple calls about working with concrete.

Visit, and to find out more about today’s guest. You can also follow him on Twitter @LorenzoNeal.

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Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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Showing 0 comments
  • Allen Kardel

    Mike Alstott was an awesome full back.

  • Tom Regence

    GREAT SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys.

  • amanda

    Love you Ray.

  • Ras

    This was a fucking awesome show!!!! Wow – Lorenzo Neal has an awesome personality. Aceman – you have to get Lorenzo back on your flagship show. He was great.

    • Greg

      I agree!

  • Greg

    I normally hate when you guys have guest- Lorenzo was great! You should have him back!

  • Johnny

    Lorenzo wasn’t JV. Bring him back!!

  • Grassmasta

    Lorenzo was great on the show!

  • Paul-Aussie-Ace-Fan

    Best show ever, Lorenzo needs to join the Pirate Ships Crew.

  • Ivan

    This was absolutely fantastic. Lorenzo was a great guest and needs to come back on the show again.

  • Gary

    While I like the show I am put off by Adam’s know-it-all attitude, and his desire to make Ray look bad. In short, Adam is a kind of a dick.

    • AtlantaHoopla

      Hey Gary!

      Adam & Ray grew up together & they rag each other all the time. If it comes off like Adam’s trying to make Ray look bad I think it’s simply their way – like 40 year old teenagers…

      Maybe it just doesn’t translate 100% without actually being there in the conversation with them and knowing how they are together?

      I honestly think Adam has a huge amount of respect and love for Ray.

      GREAT SHOW! Lorenzo needs to be a regular guest!!

  • Greg

    I agree with most everyone else here. L. Neal was an awesome guest. Great chemistry, have him on ur reg podcast.

  • Mitch

    One of the best guests yet! He should really be on the Mangria team! He knows how to get shit done.

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