Out of the Closet

This week the guys talk about deck painting, closet design, and a sweaty day in Connecticut.

Show Summary

Adam and Ray open the show discussing who’s the fastest swimmer. Ray then talks about the deck he’s working on, and Adam rants about measuring wood in five quarters. The guys then talk with the Porcelain Punisher about a sweaty day in Connecticut, and they answer a video question about closet design. Later they respond to an email about a blistered lacquered table, and also talk to callers about fence and deck work. As the show wraps up, Ray provides ‘Just the Tip’ with more advice on dust control.

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Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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  • jo ke

    Holy thick Accent and I am Canadian.

  • Marshall

    Excellent show today fellas, Ace was in a good mood and didn’t yell at Ray too much. Thanks for the pod

    • Paul Froelich

      Concur on the yelling. Like this better. Harmony, fellas.

  • Chris from Lakeland, FL

    Ray is right. 5/4 starts out, when SAWN as 1 1/4. That’s what you buy from the sawmill. Then the millshop PLANEs (mills) an eighth off both sides, to get rid of the saw marks and it finishes out at 4/4 (1 inch). You can get un-planed 5/4 from a sawmill, but it has the saw curfs in it. All “dimensional” lumber, once planed at the millshop, on both sides, is 1/4 thinner than the thickness of the rough material, but you have to pay for the rough, un-planed material that they purchased from the sawmill. When you buy lumber by the Board Foot, that’s how it comes from the sawmill. When you buy dimensional lumber by the linear foot, you pay for the shavings and sawdust that were lost to make it dimensional, plus the labor. Millshops just kept the same name on the material as when it came in the front door, and the tradition just stuck. Most people have never purchased the rough sawn material, so it doesn’t seem to make sense.

  • Reply

    Now about scanning the blog I resonate with this as it is accurate and it’s nifty to see a webmaster that is posting it for all to see to see.

  • Reply

    Interestingly scanning the op’s blog readers will accept the above as it’s what we genuinely feel so it is great reading from a guy that is stating this for all to see to think about.

  • Antonio

    I have a pressure treated deck around my semi above ground pool that was in poor shape (splinters, checking, nails popping up). I didn’t want to spend the big nut on either exotic wood or some form of synthetic wood. Being in the construction industry I did some research and discovered Deck Restore. It is a water based cementitious deck coating that has sand in the mix already. You can get it in a variety of standard colors and you can also get it tinted any color you want.

    Anyway, I rolled the dice and spent the $250 and applied as instructed (you do NOT need to get under it). Well it’s been three seasons and this stuff is really holding up very well. It goes down with a roller that they provide that is essentially a kind of ABS plastic. It’s totally non slip and in the worst areas you spot apply with a paint brush prior to rolling the coating out.

    I would highly recommend it.

  • BDL

    Someone tell Ray to quit screaming into the mic

  • CAshane

    On Video Question:

    You should stop taking submissions that are shot in portrait. If the submitter is not smart enough to figure out how to shoot their phone horizontally then they are not smart enough to follow the advice anyway.

    • ARZ

      I agree 100%, cant we choke everyone (on the planet) that submits their video (in portrait mode) to the news or anywhere. If they are recording a video in portrait mode, they are so dumb that they cant look into the future and realize everyone will not be re-watching it on their phones. I call this the I-phone generation, more narcissism?

      I partially blame YouTube for making rotating your video an edit option. If they removed the option, maybe people might be shamed/punished into always holding their phones horizontally when they take a photo.

      If this guy was so dense he decided to TAKE the video, Re-WATCH the video, and SUBMIT the video in portrait, then I would call him self centered at the very least and not entertain answering his questions.

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