Do What The Boss Tells You

Do What The Boss Tells You

Adam and Ray talk about outdoor decks, mirror removal, and peanut butter yogurt.


Show Summary

Ray is now finished with the deck he was working on, and now off to do some smaller projects in the Hollywood Hills. Adam also discusses a sock-related conflict at his house, and a problem at Pinkberry. Adam and Ray then respond to a video question about putting a ceiling fan on an outdoor deck, and the show wraps up with emails about mirror removal and bad carpet. Of course Ray also provides insight during Just The Tip.

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6 Responses to “Do What The Boss Tells You”

  1. Joe
    2013/08/12 at 11:01 am #

    Ace man –

    Ray’s deck looks great but why is there such a big gap from one side to the other (floor to the base)?

    Get it on.

  2. Daniel
    2013/08/12 at 6:17 pm #

    @ 43 minutes: “The World Is Your Oyster” – Adam Carolla

  3. legendaryhog
    2013/08/13 at 12:37 pm #

    Hey guys. What do you say to showing some pics of the “Just the Tip” segment in the future. Would be a lot more helpful with a visual.

  4. Jeff in Fresno
    2013/08/14 at 8:50 am #

    Ace, I share your tortured life filled with people trying to over-think the simple instructions you give them. Love that rant! When someone goes for lunch, my move is to say, “Whatever you get, order two” because I don’t CARE! What could be simpler. right? I have yet to get the same thing, and I have to ask why. “Well, I didn’t think you would want the sweet potato fries, so I got you the regular… or what ever. AGGGHHHH!
    Glad we can entertain Ray though. Great show – Get it ON!

  5. Claudia Atrocious
    2013/08/14 at 6:04 pm #

    Keep us posted on the grey pubes.

  6. okfy
    2013/08/21 at 10:14 am #

    Regarding the deck modifications involving a ceiling and a fan with a light…the real surprise to his parents will be the New electric bill not only will the deck not get enough light for some of moms plants bot the lack of light will mean the room just inside those sliding glass doors will need a lamp just to see your lunch. Good thing your ceiling fan will have a light …I hope the one with a dimmer is part of the surprise because when all the bugs come for the card game you will want to close those sliding glass doors and then you can’t see the game on the big screen through the glass with the bright light because your now in a fish bowl and with a dimmer you can turn down the fan light to be more like a charming torch. I would be surprised if your parents wouldn’t be thrilled with the deck top being gently cleaned from the roof with a hose and some new outdoor rug and new outdoor furniture some hanging plants some tiki bug torch lamps and a great standing fan they can use any where and a few strings of white Xmas lights plugged in with a new extension cord and a big thermometer they can see from inside so they know what to wear. And a dog bowl. And a bird feeder.

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