Fuck The Code

Fuck The Code

This week the guys chat about leaking fountains, moving doorbell transformers, and working with hundred-year-old door frames. Ray also provides Just the Tip and assists on making a beer pong table.


Show Summary

Adam and Ray open the show talking about the deck that Ray is finishing up. Adam also rants about problems with technology and the ‘pick-through pile’ for wood. The guys then respond to a video question about moving a doorbell transformer, and an email question about outlets that were cut too big. Next up, Ray offers ‘Just The Tip’ regarding nailing an area that’s hard to reach. The show wraps up with calls about leaking fountains, door problems, and making a beer pong table out of dip cans.

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9 Responses to “Fuck The Code”

  1. Jay
    2013/08/03 at 3:44 am #

    Get it on guys. Love the show and am a paypal subscriber.

    Doorbell transformer…DON’T bury it. Here’s the thing, even if they doesn’t catch on fire they do fail. I moved into my current house in 08–built in 91. One of the previous owners buried it…transformer failed two weeks ago. Now, I have NO f@#$% idea where to find it. I gave up. I had to go get a wireless unit with a cheesy electronic sounding bell instead of a real chime. I like Ray’s idea of lowering it right onto that soffit. Bottom line, keep a way for it to be accessed. One better…leave a little note inside the doorbell unit telling the next owner (or maybe even you 15 yrs down the road) where you put it.

  2. Paul
    2013/08/03 at 11:32 am #

    Use adhesive back weather stripining for the sides of the beer pong table. Pop a line and stick right on line duct tape the corners so they don’t leak.

  3. Brian
    2013/08/03 at 11:33 am #

    Our home is 94 years old and has lathe and plaster everywhere except the kitchen. I have found that an oscillating multi-tool with a metal cutting plunge-cut blade works extremely well for cutting nails behind hardwood trim. After you’ve pulled it up a little with the putty knife, the thin blade slips right behind the trim and cuts the nails flush with the wall.

    This is also the best tool to use when you want a clean cut through the plaster walls. Unlike a sawzall, it does not rattle the lathe loose on the part of the wall that is staying put and you get a cleaner edge on the cut. I’ve used it on drywall also for demolition and it gives a clean edge that you can easily tape and mud over when finished.

    Love the show,

    Brian in Eau Claire, WI

  4. Chris from Lakeland, FL
    2013/08/03 at 3:25 pm #

    Paul, those are good thoughts and Mason ought to listen to you. It provides both the dam and a soft edge for drunken forearms. Mason, if you wanna have a clear edge, instead, use whatever thin wood for the dams, but remember, you need to be able to remove them! Apply wax paper to the inside of the wood dams, before attaching, so you can pop them off! Also, there is a heat problem. You probably want polyurethane resin. You are covering dip can, tops? I guess? Maybe 1/4 inch high? That’s not too bad. If you are trying to cover the thicker bottoms, you’re talking about pouring 2 part resin, maybe 3/4 of an inch thick. DON”T DO THAT! You’ll burn your freaking house down when 2 part resin that thick starts kicking off and smoldering! In my experience, even 1/4 inch thick is mighty thick for 2 part resin that starts chemically curing. Don’t use the whole dip cans; just the tips (tops)!

  5. Scotty Terror
    2013/08/03 at 5:24 pm #

    People are still complaining about the music on the phone. Why is it there?!? I can’t hear it in the podcast.

  6. T
    2013/08/03 at 8:52 pm #

    Ace man, that’s why they hire labor-ready guys, fuck the dry-wall/wire mess its above my pay grade.

  7. Claudia Atrocious
    2013/08/04 at 4:21 pm #

    Ray, looking sexy baby.

  8. Darrell Williams
    2013/08/05 at 9:57 am #

    Should start a spot where you can put Ray’s Tips either in the episode description or on it’s own page where you just post the old stuff so people need to watch the show to get the new tips.

    Keep up the good stuff.

  9. dan
    2013/08/07 at 2:42 pm #

    328i has a turbo 4. 335i has a twin turbo 6.

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