The Retarded Goblin Factor

The Retarded Goblin Factor
    Adam and Ray discuss carpeting stairs, protecting a heat blasted deck, and redoing bathroom tile. The guys also consider their own levels of happiness, and Adam rants about the housekeepers hiding all his stuff.


    Show Summary

    Adam opens the show talking with Ray about another classic Gary Full-Tard moment. He also goes on a massive rant about leaving lights on and having the same conversation over and over again. Next up, the guys respond to a video question about carpeting stairs, and Ray provides Just the Tip for getting your boots cleaned. Later they talk with a caller about their level of happiness, and Adam rants about his purple shirt going missing. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss protecting an ipe wood deck, fixing a bubble in your linoleum, and what look to go for when redoing a bathroom.

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    Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
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7 Responses to “The Retarded Goblin Factor”

  1. Kareem
    2013/10/25 at 10:30 am #

    Gary helps you build your house, help him build his.

  2. Krissi the Rational Happy Hippy
    2013/10/25 at 10:46 am #

    Do you have a link to Share this podcast on Facebook, you should cause it was hysterically funny. I was the caller who pitched the question to Ray about Rays happiness vs Adams happiness. I was delighted when Adam hit my ball into a home run with his story about the maid & his undershirt. I’m laughing in the background the whole time as I visualized Adam with his glasses on looking seriously at photos of himself trying to see if he had the maroon undershirt on earlier that day & thinking to himself – I’m surrounded by retarded goblins. SOOO funny!!! Anyway, I had funny follow- up questions & comments, but I didn’t want to interrupt the good pod. Get a facebook link – write that down.
    Krissi from Pittsburgh
    You are in charge of your own happiness
    PS – Go Steelers!

  3. Higgs
    2013/10/26 at 4:57 am #

    Ray, seriously. There’s not a better time to buy a house than now. Mortgage rates are freakin miniscule. Just find a house you like in a halfway decent neighborhood and make an offer. Once you sign the note and the house is yours you WILL be motivated to do the necessary work to fix the house up and you will also figure out how to make the payments, because YOU HAVE TO. Enough of this nonsense, you are almost 50, get your ass in your own home and stop fucking around.

    Love ya Ray, but this intervention is necessary.

    • TJ
      2013/10/29 at 2:59 pm #

      There are things called credit score and down payment. He probably has terrible or no credit and his income taxes are not showing enough to satisfy banks.

      I would guess they need to get Ray enough money to purchase the house with cash.

  4. mnoswad1
    2013/10/26 at 2:23 pm #

    The dollar cost average of the electricity thats wasted due to having people leave the lights on (during renovation only) is most certainly to be less than the lack of loyalty, distain, and ill will felt towards Adam by the people that he is complaining to about the lights. Which ultimately will cost Adam more money in the long run due to sloppy work, frustration, do-over jobs,etc.

    full tard Gary should invite Adam to itemize the electricity that was wasted and take it out of Gary’s paycheck……….because that sounds like a reasonable idea.

    or just fuck off about the turning the lights off already. A half hour of light bulb costs 3 cents.

  5. More light talk
    2013/11/05 at 7:15 am #

    Just more light talk. What else is there to say.

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