Call To No Action

Call To No Action
    This week’s topics include: fireplace blowers, ceiling fixtures, and whether or not your house is sinking. Adam also shares new Full-Tard stories, and Ray gives a helpful tip about coffee mug rings.


    Show Summary

    At the top of the show, Adam and Ray recall how they met. Adam shares a couple Gary Full-Tard stories, and the guys respond to a video question about removing a tile to install a fireplace blower. Ray then gives a tip about coffee mug rings, and jokingly asks Adam how much money his family would get if Ray killed him. As the show wraps up, the guys talk to callers about door hinges, ceiling fixtures, and whether or not an entire house is sinking.

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2 Responses to “Call To No Action”

  1. Chris from Lakeland, FL
    2014/03/22 at 1:24 pm #

    Eric that wants a ceiling fan off the wall switch:

    The wall outlet operates off the switch already, right? Just get an appropriate length of cord with a male plug end on it, long enough to run up from the outlet, then over to the fan with a bit of slack. Get a piece of decorative chain to run that cord through, to the fan. Attach the Blue (if the fan has a light) and the Black wires in the fan to each other and connect them to the wire in the cord that leads to the SMALL blade on the plug; that’s the Hot side. Attach the other wire in the cord to the White (Neutral) wire in the fan. Attach the decorative chain to the fan, somehow, to take any strain of the electrical cord. Put a small hole in the ceiling to install one of those Planter Hooks to, to hook the decorative chain to, just off the wall, before it drops to the plug. Again, that just keeps strain off the cord. Installing the fan is up to you, but this method will get you running off the wall switch, with just a tiny hole in the ceiling for the Planter Hook to fill, when you move out. This doesn’t look great, but it isn’t bad and it gets you moved out of a rental with minimum fuss, later on.

  2. Rygar Rediger
    2014/05/09 at 11:44 pm #

    Ray looks like Liberaces chauffer in that picture.

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