Price Fister Is A Legend

    1. This week, Adam and Ray discuss building your own workbench, painting your deadbolts, and why you’d probably enjoy becoming a building inspector.

Show Summary

Adam opens the show talking with Ray about Ray’s continued therapy sessions with Adam’s Dad. Adam also gives an update on his dog Molly, and goes on a tangent about breeding and dog sperm. Next up, the guys respond to a video question about building a workbench, and an email question about water problems in the shower. This week’s Just The Tip deals with scribing. Calls then include questions about torn leather, and spray foam insulation. As the show wraps up, the guys share their thoughts on becoming a building inspector in SoCal.

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  • Andy

    Under the hot L.A. sun the duct tape adhesive will dry out within a month.

  • Chris from Lakeland, FL

    John, was it, with the work bench question? I side with Adam on going a bit lighter than most people. I have one place with a heavy one, but the rest I use very light workbenches in. I like the caster idea, as an option.

    Here’s something I have done that works out great, for me. Go to the Habitat For Humanity Store and get some hollow core doors. Put a 2X4 cleat ledger along the wall, (1X material won’t work for this). Mount the hinges such that the doors will drop down flat against the wall. Hinge some 2X4 legs onto the doors, such that when you lift them up, they form a bench. The beauty of this is these are practically free and surprisingly sturdy. They’re hollow, so they aren’t heavy. Plus they are folded down out of the way, most of the time. It’s just a fact that any horizontal surface gets cluttered. It’s nice to have clean, empty surfaces available to call upon, when you need them, that just go away when you do not.

  • Chad Hanson

    I love the show. I listen every week. Thank you for the great pod! I have a shed that is very old and has fallen off of its foundation on one corner. It is 30 ‘ by 40’ how do I pull this thing back on to its foundation? Any input would be much appreciated! Thank you! Get it on!

  • Lucas

    Hi guys. I’m your biggest brazilian fan. I have a suggestion for you.

    I went to the fundanything campaign to donate to the legal fund, and then after that I wanted to donate 5 bucks to the Ace on the House show. To my surprise, there is no option to make a single donation, only to subscribe.

    I believe a lot of fans like me don’t want to subscribe. I want to donate 5 bucks to the Ace on the House show on March, since I want Ray to wet his beak. Then I want to donate 5 bucks to the Adam and Drew show on April. And 5 bucks to the Adam Carolla Show on May. Hell, I may even want to go 3, 6 months without donating (my last donation was around September of last year).

    You can be sure that we fans will donate, but many of us do not like the subscription concept. Please give everybody an option to contribute, I guarantee you that you will see more money coming in and everybody that wants to subscribe will do it, it’s not one or the other.

    Thank you Adam and Ray for the years of entertainment you guys have been giving me.

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