Gary Butters

    1. Gary Butters, from The Adam Carolla Project and numerous stories on this very podcast, joins Ray for a podcast about the dangers of table saws, how an accident changed a career path, and Gary gets a chance to tell his side of a few infamous stories Adam has told about Gary through the years.

Show Summary

The infamous Gary Butters is in studio and talks about his missing fingers, his troubled history with playing guitar, and the time that he witnessed a plane crash. Then Gary and Ray start answering your video and email questions and have some great info for you in this week’s ‘Just the tip’. The show closes with Gary getting the chance to tell his side of the story for his infamous ladder and light incidents and Ray tells the story of the time he had to fire Gary for messing up a closet….twice.

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Show Credits

Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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    • gary butters

      well done! that is indeed the right one

  • Tdogg

    Great podcast. There needs to be a Gary segment… Each month Gary comes on the show to defend his work or offer an explanation on the screw up.

    • gary butters

      thanks, tdog for the great suggestion! some of these stories tend to get exaggerated .. its nice to be able to bring them back down to earth. lol

  • Joni Edisn

    Ray is better each week. Loved the shows with Eric Stromer and Gary Butters. Great job Ray.

  • AdrianTitans

    I think Ray needs his own intro. Like Adams but one of his own. I agree, Ray is like wine on the show, he gets better with time. Ray-zo rules!!!! Ps….. I’m 36 and still renting.

  • AdrianTitans

    Gary, it’s obvious that you need a segment on the show. I need your experience in cabinetmaking and construction. It’s podcast gold! Keep up the good work Ray and Gary.

  • Cindy Stueve

    Great job Gary…And the bunny prints were definitely a hit!
    Listening to this was fun, I really enjoyed it.
    Don’t work too hard!

  • melody

    I think its long overdue to hear from you, personally, I am proud of you, and even more proud that your my dad.
    I enjoyed hearing it, and hope we can hear more of you sometime

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