All Of That Is Bullshit

    1. Chris Boehm- Adam and Ray’s buddy- returns for a hilarious episode of Ray on the House. The guys discuss Chris’s accident, sealing marble countertops, and fixing your drainage issues.

Show Summary

Chris Boehm is back, filling in for Adam. He talks with Ray about wrecking his truck, and the guys respond to a video question about a doorway in a very tight space. They also answer another video question about redoing an outside entrance, and Chris talks about the various projects he is working on. After an email about a potential draining issue, Ray provides Just the Tip. There’s also an email about refinishing a marble countertop. Later, the guys take Twitter questions about woodpeckers, gun polishing, and wood stains. As the show wraps up, Chris and Ray help callers with their cracked walls and drainage issues.

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Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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  • Mike

    One of my favorite episodes in a long while. Chris was in rare form and kind of sounded like Artie Lange. Ray’s alpha-male side definitely made an appearance in his attempts to keep the show on track. Hilarious!

  • Russell

    You guys were killing me. The interaction between you two was hilarious. I was laughing most of the episode.

  • Rachel

    For some weird reason I do not understand, this was one of my favorite episodes. I especially enjoyed the sound of Chris enjoying his Skittles throughout the entire episode. You guys should do more episodes together!

  • Andrew

    Love this episode. More Bohm !!!!

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