He’s A Quail With One Wing

    1. Chris Boehm returns to co-host the show with Ray. The guys discuss the time Ray nearly killed one of Chris’s kids, and they help fans with their microwave installations, dog problems, and how to convince your dad to use more modern tools.

Show Summary

Adam is in New York promoting the release of his new book, ‘Daddy Stop Talking’. Filling in is Adam and Ray’s old buddy Chris Boehm. Chris and Ray discuss an argument Chris got into with a subcontractor, and Ray attempts to list off the names and ages of Chris’s kids. First question up is a video submission asking about installing a microwave above the stove. The guys then respond to email questions about the underside of a deck, removing busted siding, and how to keep the dogs from eating birds. Later, Ray admits to almost killing one of Chris’s kids, and the guys take calls about vinyl siding and convincing your dad to use more modern tools. As the show wraps up, the guys answer Twitter questions dealing with tree stumps, garage doors, and floors that bounce.

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Producers: Matt Fondiler & Gary Smith
Audio/Post-Production/Show Summary: Matt Fondiler
Phones/Researcher/Web Engineer: Gary Smith

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  • Steve Esposito

    Don’t be dissing that spray foam boys, it has a lot of uses! I used it to make an experimental directional WiFi antenna when I didn’t have aluminum box tubing (did not have any because I am cheap). Covered a cardboard box tube with aluminum tape, filled it with foam, then cut out the rectangles. Was sturdy!

  • Ace on the Toilet

    Ray’s great uncle Adolf installed microwave ovens during the war- They seated twelve!

  • Ugh

    Adam cops out of hosting yet again.

    what a dick

  • Chris from Lakeland

    Har! @ AotT!

    Dave from Willywood, (I’m a former Seahawk), you don’t have the issue you think you do. You were not clear about your 27 inches, whether that was from the bottom of the existing hood, or the existing cabinets above, but my eye tells me maybe from the cabinets. That’s already a bit low, for a hood to capture the gases off the cooktop.

    From the standards I researched, you can go much higher than that, for the bottom of the intake in your exhaust system, and a good one will function better, at least slightly higher. The one I just installed is much higher than that, and does a better job of capturing other exhaust, such as from my separate deep fryer. I’m talking go as high as you want with the microwave, with the optional exhaust kit. Yes, you lose those two cabinets, or half of them, your choice. You can go as high as 36 inches above your cooktop and be in the codes I have read for residential. Commercial, even higher. The question then becomes, where do you make up that storage you are losing? We made it up with extra cabinets elsewhere. 27 inches is a lame height for a vent hood to come off a cooktop. You are missing a lot, down that close. Even worse, if that’s the height to the bottom of that cabinet.

  • Andrew

    Get Bohem on the payroll. He’d be great with Ace and Ray every week.

    • John


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